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today: to do list and things done

today I got lots of christmas music so I can make mix CDs to aid us next weekend at our dreadfulyl long job. A 7 hour christmas party. Bleah. But I have a lot of new stuff now and I need to go through and figure out what will be usefula nd what will not.

my to do list for this week:

  • make christmas mix CDs
  • acquire presents
  • acquire christmas lights
  • make christmas post cards
  • acquire remaining cookie supplies
  • Vy CDs
  • Lindsey skirt
  • Lindsey package
  • François package

tonight I drank rum and talked to people while I finished my downloading. I half-eatched a movie with my grandma and made tasty soup.
I talked to some people in a yahoo chat room that didn't suck. that was nice, and not usual.

sleep time.

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