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I did a few things today. I bought a coupl christmas presents... but timedidn't permit much. As is typical for a sunday, Steve and I didn't get upa nd around too early. This could be related to me making a casserole at 2 am the previous night. it was good though

I made broccoli cheese soup served in bread bowls tonight. It pleased me much.

I would like people to give me recipes using fresh fruits and vegetables... I want to start cooking more now that its colder and I'd like to make use of more veggies.

I took many pictures off the camera and there are many pictures that have never been seen. One of these days I'll post a few more from a while back. Christmas is going to start kicking my ass though.

editing because I want more weekend. someday I may care, really.

so lets see. We had our job on Saturday night... I guess thats really all I left out. It was for Midland medical people. They really like to party and there is one lady who has been there every year who likes to dance and makes sur we know it... she was the first one to insist we get the party rolling and start playing things that she could shake it to. I suppose she probably said it a bit differently than that.

I felt like making food after that because we were hungry and I wanted vegetables. So we hit the Meijer and spent too much money. But then we went home and ended up having casserole and salad and rolls and I was happy.

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