~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,


sometimes I'm good about writing down what I do each day.. and sometimes I'm not. I guess I think that if it doesnt seem noteworthy at the time I shouldn't bother... but I wonder if I'll care some day.

today I didn't get up terribly early... I had coffe and didnt have food til much later in the day.
I talked ot peope some and I worked a lot on my journal project. I ate, talked more, worked on that... took a shower finally. Mary was going to come over and I wanted to get the showering over with before she got here but we didn't end up walking anyway cause she stayed home setting up her new computer. I find it hard to be too sad when its all cold and I dont feel too motivated.

I should sleep I have to work tomorrow at an elementary school int he ghetto. Kindergarten I think. Woo woo.
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