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I should have gotten to typing or writing this when I first got up cause now its fuzzier than it could have been.

I was supposed to be subbing at this school and it was a whole day job but however it worked out I got to go home at lunch... i guess I was doing a music teacher job? and the proncipal told me I could leave at lunch when I was done... I remember asking, so what now? and he said well now you go home! but I stayed in this classroom and I dont know why or what I was doing but there were kids... or maybe they were older, more like friends of mine and one was singing and I asked this cute teacher guy if he could give the girl an E on the guitar he was playing cause she needed the start note for this song she was trying to sing. I think I talked a little more with cute teacher guy and then this small dark-haired girl came up to me and said something weird. I wish I could remember what.... something identifying herself, but not as his girlfriend... more like if she wanted to be but knew she wasnt so identified herself as something else. I dont think that made sense... so maybe she thought that he was after me and was sad. I dont know.

So later I was in the hall (and all this was at Handley) and I was sitting with David and Steve O'Rourke and I had a letter that David had mailed to me and I gave him a letter I had written sometime and we were talking abut I dont remember much of that part.

As I was going to leave I saw all these cds or dvds on this table and I wondered what that was all about and I think I thought maybe they would be using them in the classrooms around christmastime...

so as I was leaving there was this creepy guy int he parking lot following me and talking to me and it was hard for me to get in my car because there was a van parked superclose but I did as quickly as possible and then locked the door and he came around and knocked on the door and I was scared of him and I left very quickly because I thought he was going to chase me.

I went home (home was my old house in this dream) and as I was approaching my street I saw a huge explosion and I was worried that it was my house and as I got closer I saw that it was and that there was smoke coming out of it... so I went in through my bedrom window and I was tossing things out on my lawn just in case the house was burning down but I knew I had to go int he other room and check some things out. I looked in my closet and there were these goldfish in this tub on the shelf up top and I was wondering why my grandma was hiding fish on me (I have emilytoastwater to thank for this part I think.) so I went out to the other room, blocking the way so the kittens that were in my bedroom had to stay in there (kittens I dont actually have plus KittyKitty) and I saw that the living room was blocked off and I went into the kitchen and there was smoke. I called my grandma and found her in the bathroom standing in front of the mirror and I looked at her back and she had these huge weird looking blisters and I was trying to convince her that she should go to the hospital. I guess she had had a cooking accident of some sort but it must have been scarier than it looked...

thats about all I remember though.

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