~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

today so far (puppy and accomplishments and plans)

So far today I've already accompished more than yesterday and it's not even 11 am. Woo!

Yesterday we did finally leave the house to see 2 movies. The princess diaries 2 (it was cute) and Without a paddle. These would not have been my first movie choices but they were playing at the cheap theater and they were good enough!

We went to bed fairly early and I got up at 7:50 this morning so I could call the animal shelter. My grandma told me about this puppy that Larry told her about ( I don't remember if I wrote about this already ). I guess Paula's kids (Paula the squished one) found this puppy in the road near their house and brought it home after a couple days (why not right away I dont know). It was scared, timid, cowered and hid when anyone woudl come near... to me that says probably abused. Baby things dont tend to cower unless someone made them that way. But they put it in some sort of enclosure/shelter outside and when it continued to be scared they decided they wouldn't be able to handle it and called animal control to pick it up. We didn't hear abotu it til after that was already done. So my grandma and I have been fretting since wondering what happened. Since we didn't know when that had taken place, we didn't know if there was any chance of it still being there. I tried to check on it on friday but they were closed for the holiday so I called first thing this morning. The lady I talked to told me that they didn't keep record of who brought things in but when I described the behavior she said that there had been a very timid scared brown puppy that ran to hide under things when they would put it ont he floor and that it had been adopted out last week to a lady who works in a vet's office who had some experience with timid animals. So that's a relief and makes me happy to think that he will probably have a good home with the love and care he needs. yay!

Also today I have caught up on my LJ list, I took a long shower, I made some coffee, and now I'm thinking baout breakfast.

Today is my holiday. Says so right on my calendars. Quite some time back (somewhere between 7 and 11 years ago) I unexpectedly got to take the day off on November 29, decided to make it my personal holiday and have been celebrating it faithfully since.

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