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goldfish wedding, frankie with fish [photos]

friday night we were supposed to have the night off but Ryan had some difficulties and wasn't going to be home in time so we went and covered his job for him. it was in Grand Blanc in the couple's back yard... a post wedding party rather than a real reception...
some of it was kinda boring... we were just playing for a few little kids and no one else was really paying much attention.
so we hung out, played music, had dinner... and then at the very end of the night when just about everyone had gone home we actually taught a couple dances and a good time was had... but the contract was only til 10:30 so that wasnt too bad.

Saturday night was a regular reception... it was decent I guess... nothing too good or bad...

but they had fish and candles for their centerpieces... it was a pretty effect, I just didn't htink that was very nice..

so I decided to rescue some of them...
at the end of the night all they were doing was pouring them all into this big bucket along with all the other extrra liquid from the tables (beer/mixed drinks/pop) and so I claimed 2 of the bowls (2 fish to a bowl) the ones I was taking pictures of and another pair from the next table over... and they gave me a plastic bowl to take them home in...

one of them died on the ride home... it was weird though he would seem dead and then come back and swim around again and then look dead again and then swim around some more... but he ended up dying for real and so then I just had three... we stopped at Meijer on the way home and I bought a larger plastic bowl for them and some fish food... (I knew I had a tank for them at my house so I just needed something for them til I took them home)
they seemed to be doing pretty well and then another one died the next afternoon (the bowl mate to the other one that died, they were the two that I had taken pictures of earlier saturday night)

so now I have just the two and they seem to be doing pretty well so far... Frankie finds them fascinating...

Tags: memorable wedding

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