~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

last night

Went pretty well.

Steve (S) came and picked me up. Well he arrived early so I wasn't quite ready yet. Ifretted a bit over what to wear. Until he reminded me that I might actually see people I knew I didnt even give it much thought. Found what I'd feel most comfortable in while still hiding my smooshiness as much as possible and we left.

We went down to old town. We first hit Shenanigans and had a drink (they had Long Islands on special, woo!) and then went down to Retro Rocks. There were hardly any people there yet when we got there and so I managed to convince Joel to make me his pineapple martini at theyr regular wednesday price (cause usually wednesday is premium vodka night and its all cheaper). We went to sit in the the blue and silvery second room. The only other people in the room was a table of 3 people. A guy, a girl, and Brandon Harper... I recognized him right away but I dont think he saw me til much later. Little by little the place started filling up. It was crazy and there were just so many people packed in. I saw many many people that I did not know. Then I also saw a few that I did. In no particular order:

Brandon Harper: He spotted me when I was ont he way to the bathrooma nd he was on his way back. I didnt really stop then to talk cause I really had to pee (which is what I told him when I did get back and then wandered over to him to chat for a few. I keep up with some people he doesn't and he keeps up with some people I don't so it was interesting to hear about some people who I haven't in a while. Aparently Chad Adamowski is weird and crazy. Don't know... thats just what Brandon said.

Angelo Suiter: Brandon called him over to say hi. I didn't get the chance to talk to him much.

Steve Spiridigliozzi (man I dont even remember if I still know how to spell that right!): Saw him on my way back from the bathroom. I said hi how you doing and cme back to the back rooma nd say hi if you get thechance by now and moved on... too much pushing and squishing in that part to want to stay for long.

Lisa Haas: Saw her the same way, I was on my way back form the bathroom (some of these were the same trip, I didnt spend the whole night peeing) and I said hi and told her that I saw her after Jessica's wedding. She didn't remember. She was pretty drunk that night so I didn't really mind. She looked pretty excited when I mentioned Ryan (cause it was a bit of an explanation how I happened to see her that night since I didnt go to the wedding or reception) Ryan DJed Jessica's wedding and we had one to do as ewll and after our job was done Ryan called us and said to meet at Friday's cause he was taking his wedding party out for drinks now that the reception was over. So weird. But I guess he made his impression.

Adrian Nowland: That was weird and made me feel old, since it's Desi's LITTLE sister. She looked cute and kinda punked out withs short hair and a semi-faux-hawk... only it looked cute on her and not silly like it usually does on most people... and a big tattoo on her chest... I talked to her for a bit, exchanged info and junk...

Scott Spiridigliozzi: I was on my way to say hi to Adrian when I ran into him. We talked for a bit and he was actually a bit flirty... that was kind of nice cause I don't have it too often. Its like even if I'm not interested ist nice to at least have someone look at you like they want to be talking to you. So that was cool. He's living far away and I gave him a card and tld him to keep in touch and say hi some time.

Also saw Bobby and Dan but I seem to see them all over th eplace.. Bobby especially.

I called matt to come hang out too and we (he steve and I) went and got food afterward. Man food just tastes so much better after alcohol.

Pictures will follow.

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