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last night and ick

I'm feeling quite ick. I'm full of mucus and my head just feels full and not right and I couldn't sleep last night. Partly because of my sinuses, mostly really... and then on top of that ryan went out and brought people home and decided to cackle loudly and fake-ly, as he seems to do when he's putting on the ryan show, and to break things. Aide from that he wasn't terribly loud and on any normal night when the feeling of the dryness and stuffiness of my sinuses wouldn't be keeping me up, it woudn't have bothered me a bit and I would have probably slept right through. I had my coat hanging on the rail that was broken and I found it crumpled in a heap on the floor. that annoyed me.

so now I'm waiting for steve to come back with food and herbal tea.

ryan is going to LA tonight with his "girlfriend" and won't be back til monday night. So I guess steve and I will be on our own for this evening and the next.

some part of me thinks that he doesn't deserve to be sleeping peacefully right now.

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