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I think I will make myself a cup of hot chocolate... or maybe some herbal tea. I think tis too late for caffeine. I will aim for midnight for a bedtime. I will get up at 8 and have a few hours to play with in the morning before I have to go off to the first graders.

Mary and I walked 4 rounds today. Not too bad. I should get out the DDR but I don't know if my foot is yet up to it. My KittyKitty is hanging out under my desk.

I need to acquire some watercolor paper.

I've been listening to radio paradise lately. I always dig it but I go through spurts where I just don't listen to much of anything. Youd think I would given how I feel and have always felt about music. I wish to acquire a clavinova. for many reason I think it would be more practial than something real... though something real is what I more want... just not what I have now. for assorted reasons. I don't know when I'll be able to manage it though... it will be quite spendy. I have what I want all picked out and ready to go onto a list somewhere... things I wish I had...

cocoa time.

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