~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

kitty with growth on face freaks out when picked up- ow!

an email I just sent to Steve

there's this kitty that has recently appeared at my house... looks like a sweet little thing... its young... not full grown yet. its just skin and bones though and appears to have a growth (probably an abcess) on its face...
so I went out to check the mail and it was curled up next to my car and I went over to it and was talking to it and it made little mewing sounds at me. so I picked it up and it seemed ok... not happy but not squirming... I figured I'd put it in the house so my grandma would have the chance to check it out better and at the very least offer it something tasty and fattening to eat that it wouldn't have to compete with other cats for... so we were going and it was fine...
and then when I got almost to the house it all of a sudden freaked out. I dont know if it saw something that I didnt see or what but it clawed the heck outta my arm and shoulder... my elbow is full of holes.. I dont know what its deal was... it was weird... like instant soreness in my elbow and shoulder afterward...
bleah. probably should go doctor myself up with something... I hate kitty scratches. they itch.

well I at least got a post card today :) from a girl that I sent one to a couple weeks ago. yay to that :)

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