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work to go to and me...

Getting ready to head to work. I have to be out the door in about 5 minutes.

Its always interesting when I see the things that someone thinks of me... of who I am. but it almost always makes me start. because in many ways I see myself so differently than other people do. And it makes me wonder... do they just not know me as I do (which is my first thought) or am I just deluded and think I'm different than I am! I don't like self doubt like that.

I do know that I feel that i come across dull... plodding and not very open to change or spur of the moment things... and I wonder at that too. Because its not that I'm unwilling.. I guess I just too often get sucked into my world and dont come up for air. Its too easy to become content just being and forgetting that there are other things you shoudl be doing. Or maybe thats just me and reflective of the times tat i'm quite sure I spend depressed. What else can one think about days upon days where its an accomplishment (and one not always met) to bathe and dress each day...

hmm. things to think about but right now I have to and play teacher.

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