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dreams and work

I have to work today. 11:35 -> the end of the day... today, tomorrow, and wednesday. Wee!

I woke up at 9 (8:55 actually) after dreaming I'm not even sure what... there were people that now I'm not sure I knew... though I guess I did in the dream. I think one was Tim. I'm not quite fond of Tim and I'm glad we're not friends or barely even acquaintences cause that means its ok and easy to not be quite fond of him. In the one part I aparently *was* fond of him though and we were somewhere and he had a car from the 60s and some guy was sucking up to him telling him that he would love him to bring it in again just so he could look at it... makingsure to tell him that nothing needed to be aorked on, of course, he just wanted to have a look at it again. I kissed him.. but then, I seem to kiss all sorts of people when I'm dreaming. More than I'd consider in real life, if one can imagine (ha!)

I had another where I was in some sort of hall (like a vfw hall or something) with my grandma and the baby and they had food set up on tables... my grandma and mikale went somewhere for a few minutes and I got a plate (one of those styrofoam plates that has 3 sections) and I sampled all the things that looked edible/good. At one point there was a guy... i think I was supposed to know him... I dropped my plate food down on the table and some woman told me that it was ok cause the table was clean... I guess I was supposed to pick it up and eat it anyway. So I *did* clean it up. I think I said something to the guy that it was cool that he still liked me even when I was retarded... to which he replied something to the effect of when *wasn't* I?

I'll be subbing for 2nd graders... I also had an option of kindergarteners (woudl have been the same days at the same times) but I figured I might handle 2nd a little more easily.

I supose I ought to get myself ready to go. and make some breakfast.

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