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fire pictures

6:15 pm Steve and I were nearby and acquiring pizza when we heard the first sirens and saw the first and second trucks come whizzing by. We heard more sirens and decided to go take a look at what was going on.

6:16 pm We walked around the auto parts store (we were parked at the edge of their lot) and saw flames.

6:17 pm We walked over to get a better view. There were a few people already in the parking lot looking over across the enclosed area between the parking lots.

6:17 pm One of the many trucks that arrived.

6:17 pm I zoomed in as well as I could

6:18 pm They brought the ladder up to begin battling the blaze as flames licked at the ceiling.

6:19 pm Smoke came pouring as they began their effort to kill the flames.

6:21 pm Trucks were still arriving.

6:21 pm A smaller glow of orange reappeared.

6:24 pm We walked around the corner to get a better look. There were vehicles and lights everywhere.

6:27 pm Still more police arrived.

6:28 pm Out of the window came clouds of smoke and long spurts of water.

6:32 pm The news arrived and was filming as firemen went into the building.

6:34 pm By this time the sun had set and they needed to shine their bright lights.

6:39 pm Residents and their friends and families stood around waiting and watching.


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