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blood and pictures and dreams

Why worry about organization and just spit. Its all I used to do anyway...

Today I am bleeding (interestingly body went from one cycle where day 29 was Day 1... and then this is the third where day 36 is day 1... does that mean I went form have one 28 day cycle to having 3 35 day ones? anyway its a good thing.

Today I will acquire pictures... I took much film in on saturday. one roll of steve's and then 5 of my own? 2 black and white and 3 color... big yay! perhaps I will scan today. Still have the Mikale pictures.

I dreamed last night. More Ryan for some reason... perhaps I just have him on the brain cause of conversing of him much with Steve last night. We seem to like to gossip on him...

In the dream, the house was bigger... and different. We were in a bathroom talking and he was standing behind me, hands on waist/hips, chin on shoulder... and then some girl was coming over and he quickly separated from me to go off with her. I don't remember what we were speaking of... mundane things is all I know.

I should shower.

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