~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

brett home yesterday, ian kills grandfather

so yesterday I took Brett to the airport. I will definitely miss him.... though it is nice to be by myself today...
he's someone I would like to live nearer to... so I could see him often... but not constantly.
took bunch of pictures of him before he left... I'll post some in the images of the moment probably tonight or tomorrow...
I also took some of myself later on yesterday... I'll probably post some of the ones that I liked out of those too when I put up the others of brett...

yesterday I saw on the news that a kid I went to elementary school with got arrested for murdering his grandfather this weekend. eep. creepy.
this should be the article that was in the paper today if it works(link doesnt work now)

having some other thoughts but I'll post about them later...
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