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dreams and toes and fat...

I've had many dreans the past coupel nights. Vivid and varied... running all over the place.. the settings and characters changing and changing... seeing people I haven't thougt about in months or seen in years... Caryl the one night, dreaming I saw her, tracked her down... scared to talk to her and then saying hi and crying... and last night the Biggs kids... only they wouldn't be kids now, as I'm not.

I remember unexpected trips and trying to get places... back to a plane? trying to find shoes because I wanted to take a few things with me on this unplanned trip to Miami... it was with Kiwi only we were going to fly this time. only part way through I went home to pack some things and I missed the flight because I didnt know what time it was. I was by water and I was running with people around and maybe from dogs...

I remember seeing the face of a racoon on some clothing in a different part... just the face, as though it had been removed and was bloody.

I remember Ryan in one part... he's a common enoug theme, as was the setting, which was Steve's room/bed. Sometimes he's there too sometimes not and this time he wasn't but I was on the phone with him. There was playfulness to that part and a brushing of lips but it was sweet and innocent.

Last night I hurt my toe... bent it far and very hard backwards... and its just not supposed to do that. So thats unpleasant and has put a damper on walking or DDR as I wanted. Still tired of being fat. Odd how 70 - 80 pounds will only be 3ish sizes. Seems like it shoudl be more I think. But no. And I'm ready to get there because I'm ever so tired of being here... being me like this. Bleah. Heal toe!

I wish to read. I think I will.

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