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The job didn't end up turning out... not even for one day like I thought it would. Here's how it worked out.

Teacher lady is out on maternity leave so they have Long Term Sub that started monday filling in for her. Long Term Sub couldn't come in on Wednesday but the system wouldn't let them get a sub for a sub so they had to take LTS off the job, put Temp Sub in for the one day and then re-enter LTS into the system in that position. The problem was that the system went all weird and woudln't let them enter LTS for the position, saying that she already was placed. Anyone who would have been able to deal with the issue wasn't around and the system called me and offered me the position.

I found all this out when I got there. Since I showed up, they had to pay me for a half a day and since I was already there they asked if I'd be willing to help out in a classroom for that time. So I ended up assisting in the Kindergarten classroom. If I could still get paid as well, I could definitely handle being a classroom assistant.

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