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My lush order is supposed to arrive today. I'm impatient. In some ways I like being able to track my packages like that and know when ytheyre supposed to be where they are... but in others it just makes the waiting worse! Since, if I dont know, it *might* arrive at any time at all!

Mary is going to be calling me back in a while. We're supposed to go see Belinda today but she was going to call to make sure where we were going and that she was still there. I have no idea how long it had been since she had the strokes when I talked to Bob.

I got a lovely post card today in the mail. It reminded me of the kittens we have born around here.

EDIT: Yay my lush came!! In addition to the shampoo and conditioners I ordered (Dina did you know that you played almost as big a part in my Lush addiction as miss weedy has??) I also got samples of Honey I Washed the Kids soap and Sea vegetable soap. Neat! :)
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