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Many assorted things.

I don't know how well this will be in order... or if it will at all. I'll see what I can do. Currently I'm sitting here drinking green tea and listening toa playlist of assorted strings pieces. I have a headache.

I forgot that I had made an entry on Friday about work. So I guess i can skip that then! Friday night Steve and I DJed a school dance for Montabella High School. We gave them candy. We slept in on Saturday and had a Wedding reception to DJ that night in Munger so there went that day. Nothing interesting to note about the job. Slept in on Sunday. I called Belinda's to try to set up a hair appointment for this week only to find out that she had 4 strokes and is in the hospital! :( She's in recovery but has no use of her left side. I've been seeing her for at least 13 - 14 years. I always figured she'd retire one of these years but she's not that old and I just never expected anyhting with her health. Mary and I are supposed to go see her. Maybe today. I don't know for sure. Today is Tom's birthday and I know she was going to bake him a cake and spend some time with him at home. She's been here quite a bit lately.

Yesterday work was about like Friday. The boys were uncool and disrespectful and all over the place and the girl was nice. I went to see Steve's hair girl after work and when I got home Mary was here. She got the pictures developped that I took last week. I'll do a bunch of scaning soon and everyone can look at all the nifty pictures of Mikale being cute. We went walking and Ray came over and walked with us.

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