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work, matt, chai, food, bar

tomorrow and the next day I will be working. Ruben Daniels is nice to work at usually cause they don't tend to suck. Yay to that. Woo!

I hungh out with Matt tonight. He came over and I made us chai, we went to his house for a bit so he could show me his halloween costume... its definitely something! We went to Media Play so he could get something for Scott and I said hi to drmark. I dig him... he seems so nice!

We got soem food at Chili's (which wasn't as good as it shoudl have been), got me some M&Ms at 7-11 and then went to Retro Rocks and had a few drinks. Joel was working and made me tasty pineapple things.

Now I need to sleep because I have to get up and be teacherish tomorrow. But not til 10 so thats good.

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