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today @ work

The day seemed to fly by... AI classes usually do ,though, because they're very scheduled and there is always something ot be doing.

So today had highlights including one slow-moving and vocal kid who had to stand in the corner during breakfast. At one point Anna the Aide had me stand on one side of the table while she went up to him, knowing that he would come running around that other side when she did.

Also during breakfast, the lone girl vomited grape juice on the floor. I guess she's been doing this lately in an effort to get sent home. It didn't work. She did employ this tactic throughout the rest of the day and also wet herself. She changed her clothes several times.

I had been in this class before... once or twice last year I believe. There were 3 that I recognized and 2 that I didn't.

I didn't have a very long lunch break at all. Long enough for me to come home and inhale a hot pocket and make some chai to take back with me. And then I was off again to face the rest of the day. It was fairly smooth, aside from the girl's periodic trips to vomit, in her continued efforts to get sent home. We had story time, music, and swimming.

And here I am!

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