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I spent some time online, talking and such. I finally went over Larry's and messed with his computer a bit more. I don't know if it did a whole lot of good though. He just has a lot of junk that should go but I wasn't completely sure what he wanted and what he didn't. On my way home from Larry's I stopped at the gas station. I'm so used to pulling up on the passenger side to pump gas since that's the side I needed for all the 7 years I had my Renault. So I wasn't even thinking. I went to get back in to move my car and found I had locked my keys inside. I left my keys inside thinking I wouldn't possibly need to take them with me. I was planning to pay at the pump. I've gotten so used to just locking the car before I get out, though, that I did it without even thinking (I actually don't remember doing it- must be getting to be habit!) A couple with 2 kids gave me a ride home. I wasn't far, I could have walked it but I really didn't feel like it. I had a bit of headache that bled through the Aleve I took (for a migraine. theyre tough. bleah) and just wanted to get my gas and go home! Of course my grandma didn't answer the phone. I'm glad the guy was nice... I dont think people are so quick to give people rides places any more. I would have been happy if he had dropped me on my street. I would have preferred it. I don't really like people knowing where I live. I grabbed one of my extra keys and my grandma took me back. I finally got my gas and came home.

My adventure. Yay.

I got out the DDR tonight. God I can see how people lose weight with it! I did it for about an hour and I think I'll happily add it to my routine. I should have gone walking too but I just felt so unmotivated. I never heard from mary. She's been pretty good about getting me to go when she comes.

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