~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Brett mall clothes, out with steve, birch run dinner, shooters

well today seemed... full.
I took Brett to the mall and he bought some clothes... got to have him like my little dress up doll and that was neat. I helped him find some nice stuff and he looks all cute in it. you can see one of the outfits in some of the "images of the moment" (they will be referenced a few times here).

I bought this cute red dress... kinda 50s style with and off the shoulder top, fitted to the waist and a flared skirt with the underskirt of... crunchy-ish... tulle kind of stuff... might be called osmething else though. anyway supercute. and I like it very much. and I have absolutely nowhere to wear it. but I'm gonna find somewhere dammit cause I cant really afford to buy stuff that I'm not going to wear.

so tonight we went out with Steve. We went to Birch Run and ate and I took some pictures (theres a couple of Brett from that bit in the Images of The Moment) We also went and played with sparklers nad bubblesfor a while and I took some more pictures (theres a few of those too... some of Steve and another of Brett and also a couple bubble pics)
We were going to go to see a movie afterward but they didnt have the late show we wanted so we ended up going to Shooters, having a drink and hanging out. I saw quite a few people I knew. More than I was expecting thats for sure. when we first came in I saw Eric Morrison but didnt say hi to him then... so the first person i ran into was Adam, a friend through Steve (S) and he let me know that Somewhere Safe was playing... I know 3 of the boys in the band cause I went to school with them and have been friends with 2 of them for years. so I said hi to them (well one of them anyway). I also ran into the cousin of an ex who I've ben talking to off and on for a while online sometimes (went to school with him too though) He was there with the ex. and I also said hi to Mason cause 102 is there n friday nights too and hes always there for that.

We played some Skee Ball and Brett and Steve played some air hockey (theres a picture of that too)

not a bad night at all... its nice to get out and see people and look at people.

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