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some of today in better detail

I slept an hour later than I have been able lately when I've had to work. That was nice. I was ready on time and had eaten breakfast nad had my coffee in a cup ready to go on the counter. So I grabbed my bag, left the coffee, and toddled off to school. Had I remembered any earlier than I did I would have been able to come back. But, of course, I didn't and the kids were due to arrive in minutes. So I was sad, so sad, and fearing a headache for want of caffeine (and perhaps from the room, who can know that early!). There were 5 kids: 4 boys and a girl. I had met 3 before once or twice.

The day started off with breakfast. Most of them are able to handle it without much trouble. One wears a seatbelt sometimes to keep him from wandering around the room. He needed it most of the time. One has about 3 minutes where he will work at the very beginning of the day and the whole rest of the day is a fight. Seriously. He would get out of his seat, move his desk, move his chair, stand up, wander around, talk gibberishly, yell, scream, screech, sing, and sometimes make noises that are combinations of all those. The others sometimes would take their cue from him and start acting out as well. Some of them were more or less ok until the afternoon and then the behavior went down quite a bit. The seatbelt kid and the noise maker were pretty consistent through the day. There's that, at least.

The seatbelt kid tried to escape whenever he could and I had to chase him down several times. He's tiny and fast. He ate an orange crayon towards the end of the day. He does not feed himself food yet, instead only drinking some sort of liquid stuff that I have to assume is giving him ample nutrients. But crayons are yummy and good. Aparently.

My lunch break was much anticipated and much needed. I didn't want to go back but the afternoon was not as scary as I feared. They had a couple art projects. They made traced-foot ghosts and colored pumpkins. I made a couple mini pumpkins and a mini ghost. Yay!

The one kid who behaved well for the whole day got to go out for recess at the end. I got to take him. That was neat.

And now I am here.

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