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Larry is in the hospital still. He went in yesterday morning for heart surgery. He's doing fine. They're keeping him one more night. Probably for the best.

His ex-wife Sue called to let us know to take care of the cats another day. She also told me that she was the one to go there today (rather than their daughter Paula) because Paula had had an accident this morning. Paula's son John has just recently gotten his driver's license and he has a truck. It frosted last night and he didn't clean his wondows well enough this morning and RAN PAULA OVER!! So she's in the hospital now too, though a different one than larry. She's going to be alright, though she has a dislocated hip and is pretty banged up at the moment. Understandably, John is pretty upset about it all. Can you imagine?? running OVER your own mother with your truck?? crazyness!

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