~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

time with brett, dance lesson with steve

so lets see... I actually *will* do an entry...

last night I stayed at Steve's and we spent the evening together... watched the Lion King and then went to bed.
This morning he had to get up and go to work but I stayed and slept in til 10:30 and then went to pick Brett up from the airport. It had made a lot of sense for me to stay at Steve's beyond us spending time together since he lives so close to the airport.

So Brett and I spent the afternoon together talking. I showed him my set of pictures from the Study Abroad trip and we went for a walk.

At 6:30 Steve and I had our first dance lesson with Angela (the lady I took one of my dance classes with at Central). We covered quite a bit of stuff including some things that I hadn't learned before. I'm looking forward to continuing that.

Brett and I watched a movie tonight and now he's already gone to bed... I'm probably going pretty soon myself...

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