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weekend- arrogant worms, walking with Mary & Mikale

Friday night we went to see the Arrogant Worms at the Creole Gallery. It was fabulous! I was so excited to go and so happy that they were coming to Michigan. Steve found out and started getting information like 8 months in advance. We were the second people in line so we had our pick of seats so we chose a small table with 2 chairs right directly in front of the stage- almost too close, really, but it worked out fine. We weren't looking up their noses or anything.

They were just wonderful. Quick and witty... so they were hilarious but not in that scripted show sort of way. They played off each other and the surroundings perfectly. It's so great that theyre finny, and at the same time great musicians. Their harmonies are just lovely.

After the show they signed autogaphs and each of them posed for pictures with Bonnie (those pictues will be up soon).

Anyone who is unfamiliar with the Arrogant Worms should look them up and download some things. Alternately, let me know and I'll send you a mix cd with some songs. Either way- experience the Worms!

Saturday Steve went tot he reception (in Birch Run) and I came home because I could and because I thought it would be nice to have some me time. Well I sort of had me time. Mary and Mikale were here and we walked. Mikale had a wheelbarrow ride and we piled leaves in with him and he had a grand time! wee!

Yesterday I fonally got some school shoes. I didn't even expect to so it was neat that I found some. More than I needed ,really, but they had a sale and it seemed ridiculous to pass up a free pair of shoes... whether I needed them or not!

I'll do another entry later. Matt is going to take me to lunch.

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