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I've been checking for available jobs online and it has really been making a difference (a huge difference). I think that all the jobs I've worked, except for last monday, have been acquired that way. One of the main problems I've always had with subbing (aside from the job itself usually being rather unenjoyable) is the not knowing beforehand if I'd be working or not. This way I've been finding the job the day/evening before. It has meant that I've had the chance to prepare for it. I get things ready that I'll need the next day, set up the coffee maker, make sure I get to bed at an early enough time, and set an alarm... I tend to forget things and take more time to do things when I first wake up so I've found that its better to get as much out of the way as I can the night before.

Yesterday I was at SASA for the Voice/Keyboard class. The teacher I had at my elemenary school and the class I had when it had a different teacher and before the school was SASA, when it was still just the CAS. It went well but it felt a little long. The AM segment of the class ran from a little after 8 until about 10:05. Then I had time to kill because the PM segment ran from 12:20 to 3:20. I read and had some lunch. This is why I always try to bring a book to read... because I never know how the job will be or how much free time I'll have. They watched My Fair Lady. It's nice to get paid for stuff liek that.

Today I was at Webber Middle School for a teacher I've subbed for a couple times before. She teaches Math and Reading. I came in after 3rd hour started so I had them for the rest of that class, then I had 4th hour. Both classes were math and both were doing a graphing assignment. They were quiet, well behaved, respectful.... everything I wish classes would always be. 'Tis a pity that they aren't. I had a lunch period from 12:24 until 1:04. The class didn't all show up until closer to 1:15 though. They were nothing like the other classes had been. They were loud, talked a lot, threw things, bickered with each other, didn't want to work. I kept them settled as well as I could but they just weren't into hearing me at all. They quieted down brieflt for a little bit of reading aloud but for the half hour they had after that... it was just sucky. The teacher had the final hour as prep so I got to come home early. It's always nice when the prep period is at a useful point in the day, either near lunch or at the last period.

Mary is supposed to come over to walk soon. We did at least 6 miles yesterday. Yay!

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