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hiccups, lazy day, sunburn dandruff, steve time off for bday

I get hiccups sometimes when I take a drink of pop. I hate that. They're usually the painful ones.

So far I've been taking today slowly... I slept in til noon, drank 2 cups of coffee, watched a movie, made myself some food, took a shower that resulted in me being clean, sweet smelling, and smooth in all the right places (and even some wrong ones!)

Sadly, the little bit of sunburn I got on my scalp is flaking a bit so I look like I've got dandruf. Sweet.

Steve is taking Monday-Wednesday off cause his birthday is on Tuesday... I don't know what we'll be doing though. Fun stuff hopefully! And maybe I can convince him to maybe help me with my room on Monday or something. Maybe. Cause it needs it and the atmosphere isn't too terrible in there at the moment. I don't know if he's escaped form work yet. Hopefully.

More at a later point I'm sure. :)

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