~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

wee! pretty little thing (me) puts air in tires, washes comforters,yelled at by g-ma

so some of the things on my errand list for today were to get my tires worked out cause one of them was quite flat looking and one was not far behind. unfortunately the place i usually go is closed down at the moment. leaving me to find somewhere else. somewhere else being the truck stop wich I find large and scary, especially when you dont know where you're going or what you're doing. eep.

I also needed to wash a couple of conforters that are goign to serve as a bed for Brett while he's here. unfortunately I have no laundry experience and the laundromat is a scary place when you dont know what youre doing.

so this is the email I wrote to Steve upon my return :

well I survived.
though after I came back my grandma (who (we must specifically take not here) did *not* give me any instruction prior to my leaving) bitched about me not doing it right. its like of *course* I didnt! I dont know how to do laundry! I already *told* you that before I left!

so anyway I first put a can of fix-a-flat in my one tire (great stuff... and I figured it didnt matter to much since its the titre that already had it in it a couple years ago) and then went to the truck stop in search of the air thing to fill the other one. so I drove towards the back didnt see anything and got out, asked this long haired guy who said hello if he knew where I could put air in my tire. he said (in his rather southern accent) he wasnt from around here and that he didnt have any idea and told me that if I drove back by the service area back there a "pretty little thing" like myself would probably easily get some one to help me.
nice as that idea was, it didnt quite go that way. so I did drive back there (after confirming inside that I needed to go back by the corner of the garage) and I told the guy working that they told me inside that that was where to go and he just kinda looked at me and said "hose is over there" and then went back to talking to the other guy there (whose truck I assume he was working on)

so I put in my own air. pretty little htings like myself *are* capable of such things, seeing as I have done it before... however I have no idea at all if I put the right amount in. ah well. it looks better and thats all that matters so me.

so one thing down and one to go at that point.

so I then proceeded to the laundromat and asked the lady at the counter what I should do.
evidently according to the rules of g-ma she told me the wrong stuff to be doing and so I did it wrong. but the stuff smells better if nothing else. and now its drying on the line.

and I feel quite... liberated.
and fuckin sniffley. it just doesnt end.
but I'm improved... took some more dtugs so now I feel all drug headed.


but yay.

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