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I got a lot done! I made things to send out in the mail, did my mailing, checked my po box (which is still empty! ), went to the credit union, stopped at Kroger to buy some coffee cups and a loaf of french bread. I came home and then decided to go to the mall to check out the shirt sale at Express. On my way there I walked through Sears and looked at & tried on a few things. I had them hold the stuff I liked and went down to Express. I didn't fnd anything and no one attempted to help me find anyhting so when Steve met me there I just went back to Sears with him and showed him what I had found. I got a pair of pants that are almost just like the ones I have. It will be nice to have two so I can rotate. I also got a skirt and one of those poncho sweater things that I think are weird looking and kind of silly but it looked nice anyway.

We went to Walmart for groceries and on our way towards the check out I ran into Nick's mom Trudy. So completely random, seeing as she moved to Mexico in December. She'll be here til the end of the month. I gave her a note with my numbers to give to Nick so hopefully he'll call me. It's been just over 2 years though. Not that we haven't gone a long time before but then the situation has been different. We'll see. I guess if he doesn't maybe I can figure its just really not meant to be. That would make me sad. I miss him. So we talked (listened, actually) to her for quite some time. Mexico has been treating her super well. She looks really really good. She's full of stories and she said she has lots of pictures. She has a sort-of boyfriend down there and it seems that she and Al are through. She's pretty kick ass I think. To just up and move all by yourself post retirement to a completely different country with a whole new language to learn... fabulous I think. I'm glad she's so happy and doing so well. I was peased to hear it. She is supposed to email me some pictures and I'm going to try to go see her while she's here.

Now it's time for bed.

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