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trip home

Our trip home from Chicago went smoothly, though it took what felt like forever. It rained quite heavily for a while. We talked about a lot of things on the way and listened to assorted things on the radio. I didn't feel like digging up another CD after the O Brother soundtrack was done. It worked out alright though. I got home to find that my David & Goliath shirt had arrived and it actually fits this time (plus its actually what I ordered this time too so that makes a pretty big difference.) It's a little on the short side but I'll find some way to deal with that.

We also heard about poor Mad Dog's mishaps from that day. He's been wanting to escape quite a lot lately and we don't let him, or when he does we make him come right back in. So yesterday he escaped and didn't want to let my g-ma catch him so he went out to the way back yard and she didn't chase him because she didn't want to chase him into the woods. A little later he came running up towards the house being attacked by a bunch of yellow jackets (or maybe it was wasps... either way an angry yellow stinging insect). She said they were burrowing down into his fur and stinging away. She picked him up by the scruff of the neck intending to take him over to the outside fauced to water him down and get them to leave that way but he squirmed nad scratched and got away. So she went in the house and got a big bowl of water and threw that on him (which did convince the bees to leave) but then he was even more scared and wouldnt let her come near him. He went and hid under my car and wouldn't come out until Barb came over and coaxed him out. I guess he lay around for hours and his eyes sswelled shut. My g-ma even called a vet to see if there was anything she should do but the vet wasn't really helpful. Eventually he perked up again, got an eye opened (they were both open by the time we got there) and ate a little. He was sore though. Poor kitty! It probably still won't convince him to stop trying to escape.


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