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six flags

I don't know that i'm going to be able to detail the two days too well. We rode rides, wandered, looked at things. Some girl dropped her money and i handed it back to her. One owuld figure this would give me good karma. It didn't. Karma decided to bitch slap me for a while after that. I pinched my finger in th ebathroom door, grew headachy and nauseated and then nauseated because of the headachy. Some punkass kid working the Superman ride was a punkass to me (go figure) cause I didn't want to have my bag (my decently heavy bag containing assorted camera cellphones, BONNIE and stuff) outside of the car instead of inside where it was nice and safe and secure and in no danger of whomping Terri or me in the head. And I'm sure that was just policy and thats fine enough it was more his approach. He was just lame.
Our room at the hotel smelled of old milk left in the heat. We went to dinner while another one was getting readied. I couldn't relaly eat though.
When we got back I still felt unwell and was decently sure off and on that I was going go throw up (I didn't). I was trying to find somehting to put in my hair after I braided it to sleep and found that a pretty much unused Lush soft coeur bar had melted inside the top part of my cosmetic case. That was enough to just put me in tears. I felt like a Sim with all the levels down to nothing.

Today was a lot better. We rode on a lot more things.

I have a sunburn and weird tan lines.

I'm tired now and kinda hungry.

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