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Now I get to try to sort out yesterday. It wasn't terribly eventful, this shouldn't be too difficult. I'm still waking up though so blah.

So lets see. After we left Screenz, we went to the store, bought an assortment of things and then walked back to tha apartment. We watched part of a movie and then went to meet Steve's friend at the train. He came back here with us and then everyone went out for dinner at this pizza place that i've already forgotten the name of. Their computer ate a bunch of orders so after receiving our appetizers we had to wait a terrible amount of time for our pizza. They brought us drinks while we waited though so that was alright.

After dinner Steve and I went out with his friend and his other friend and another guy. We went to a bar that appeared to be stuffed full of frat boys and girls all tarted up in bar attire. There was a DJ in the front section and a white boy cover band doing older rap in the back. We stood in the outdoor section and slowly drank a few drinks. The first was weak, the second was gross, and the third actually made me a bit warm and fuzzy. Steve and I left before the other guys and went home on our own so we could actually get a start on today at a decent hour.

Today we're supposed to go out and about with Steve's mom.
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