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my phone. grr.

Ok so a few weeks ago I did this to my phone. (It's actually not looking as pretty now it jsut looks like dark liquid seeped from the cracks and is in blotches over the screen). I need to replace the screen half of the phone.

So in the first place I called the AT&T 800 number & they gave me the NEC 800 number.

when I call the nec 800 number I'm given a website address for technical issues (necwireless.com) which hasn't loaded for me yet, and another site (necmarketplace.com) which isn't for individual people. If youre just a person looking for parts then youre supposed to call the NEC 800 number

In addition to the web addresses, the NEC 800 number puts me on hold for a while and then sends me to an answering machine where I'm supposed to leave my name and number, which I did once and got no reply.

There are no AT&T stores in saginaw, the nearest is in flint. when I call the flint number there is a recording saying that for any technical issues I'm to call the AT&T 800 number.

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