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weekend up through today

Friday Steve and I were supposed to have a job at a school but it got cancelled so we went on a picnic by/at this park that t's near this other park that's surrounded by water. So we sat near there so we could see the sunset reflected on the water. It was quite pretty. We ate, talked, took pictures, and played catch. Later we went for a walk by moonlight. We hit the video store on the way back to his house and rented Monster and some Six Feet Under (which I think you might like, Alex, if you don't already watch it), and stopped at the store to get some drinks.

Saturday we had a reception. We stopped to hang out with Ryans wedding party at the bar after we were done. It was so weird. I actually knew the people who got married and some of the people in the wedding party (for anyone who would know or care, it was Jessica Brandt and Jeff Perrot. Lisa Haas & Jenny Henry were maids of honor and Justin Brandt and Nick Strzynski (I know I must have spelled that wrong.) I didnt know the rest of the people.) I have more to say on this part of the night at a later time. When we got home we stayed up talking to Ryan til 6. So the Rebaissance Festival was definitely out. I'm glad we still have time.

Sunday we were lazy for some of the day, looked up some songs, went out to try to find me some black school shoes but had no luck. We did some grocery shopping and watched Monster. We took a walk after coming back here.

I'm thinking I might not get caught up on my picture posting... particularly since we're leaving for another Chicago trip on wednesday night. We'll see how it goes. I'm tired. Yay! And its not even that late!

Today I went walking for a while, talked to one of the little girls down the street for part of it. Or, rather, I listened to her talk to me. She's quite chatty. I also went down to the grocery store and bought the rest of the hot chocolate from their clearance bin, salad dressing, tissue, and a gallon of milk for my g-ma.

Tonight I printed out labels for all the promo CDs that needed them, including the copies I've made for myself and the copies I'm still going to make for myself.

Tomorrow is my post office day (god I'm exciting!) so I'll try to get some postcard goodness out to some people.

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