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today (at least)

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I've found it increasingly difficult to drag myself out of bed (couch) each day... I think its just the jours I'm keeping more than anything else. When I atay up too late and then sleep in late I just feel tired nad draggy and like I just can't wake up! I got up in the 12 - 12:30 range today though and that wasn't *too* bad though I still had a difficult time getting up and being functional.
(side note- it woudl be great if I had someone to smack me any time I start picking my arms. dammit.)
I had my coffee iced today cause it was already hot in the house when I got up and I felt sticky and greasy and yuck as a result. So coffee in hot form just didnt seem all that appealing. I took a shower (hair washing day) and mary and Mikale showed up during. I went to the post office and mailed out the couple packages that id idn't get to on tuesday (including the bracelet to hellomokona I'm a procrastinator and lame! sorry!)

I came back and had that conversation with Mikale (man he amuses me).

Mary, Mikale, and I went for a walk and Steve was here when we got back. We went to birch run for food and went to Rue 21. I gotta work more on the weight loss. Man I want some clothes. I love clothes. You'd think it would be better motivation.

We came back and then left again to the grocery store to buy Peachie some dog food. We went for a walk when we came back.

This week I've been walking quite a bit with Mary. Yay! I need it. Hopefully I'll keep it up.
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