~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

mikale- conversation

Mary and Mikale are outside and Mary is sunning. Mikale is alternating between sitting and laying with her and making "cake" out of dirt and pinecones.

Mikale: Puppy show up now! You want to get him a pillow and a blanket?
Me: No, why can't you and puppy share.
Mikale: I not want to.
Me: well what if Puppy wants to?
Mikale: He not want to.
Me: well then how about if you and puppy make cake together? maybe puppy wants to make cake.
Mikale: mmm, ok. Puppy like cake.
Me: oh good thenw hy don't you make puppy a cake?
Mikale: He can hab dis one (referring to one he gave to Mary)
Me: You're gonna give him Mummy's cake???
Mikale: No not dat one! Dis one wight heah! She not wan it.
Me: How do you know she doesn't want it?

Mikale: (to Mary) Mummy you wan dis cake? It plably stale...

I'm thinking this was so she would be more likely to say no, so then he could give it to Puppy.
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