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grandma rescued mouse, he escaped

last week my grandma had rescued a tiny little mouse from the cats... I guess that wre hlding it captive out in the driveway and batting it around and so my grandma snatched him up and brought him in. he was an awful cute little thing. and I thought that was neat. and I figured if my grandma wants to have a mouse, ok.
well then I got back from Chicago and found that she had found him a little cage and put it in my room... which I also was ok with and figured ok. cause it is the only room thats kept closed off and so he had a better chance of survival in there.

well last night I found out htat he had made an escape! I dont know how he namaged to fit out through the metal of that little cage but he did. and so now I dont know where he is or what kind of damage he might be chewing his way nto in my bedroom. so I guess if nothing else that'll inspire me to get to cleaning next week.... notthat I didnt need to anyway so that Brett can be put in there to appease my grandma...

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