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I'll get to non today later... after I finish today's to do list!

shower and get ready to face the world
go to post office and do post office things
call cemetery
call AT&T
start resizing billion pictures from the past couple weeks (maybe)

oh and we're also in friendship week... it is/was August 19 - 25
so be friendly.

ETA: It displeases me when I can cross things off my list but don't feel that I've accomplished anything with them.

I called AT&T but after being on hold a while and talking to someone there (finally) I was given the number to NEC. I didn't talk to anyone there. I left my name and number (as was requested) and I don't know when I will hear back.

I also called the cemetery but the guy there (Jim, I think) said he'll have to call the city attorney and get back with me later in the week.

At least I've showered.

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