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weekend up through today!

Steve and I had planned on having a real date. He called me up and asked me out earlier in the week. This is silly, since we spend each weekend together anyway... but that was the point. So it was silly and sweet and I of course said yes. He picked me up on Friday and we stopped at Walmart (evil evil Walmart... but damn they do have pretty good grocery prices) and picked up some picnic items (sandwich, minicontainers of potato salad, cheese spread, french bread, and small containers of chocolate cream pie. we also needed to pick up plasticware and napkins). We took everything over to SVSU and set up under a weeping willow tree just as the sun was starting to set. It was really quite pretty and romantic, even if steve had to run back to the car to get the blanket we forgot to bring over to sit on. There were too many trees to really see it in all its glory but I could see that the sunset just kept getting prettier and prettier. I wish I could have gotten some better pictures.

Steve made me a nifty poem on hearts on bubble wrap... it looks better than it sounds :) I'll have to take a picture of it. he read it to me after we finished eating and it made me smile. I dig sweet stuff like that... especially when they're mushy-romantic... but not in that bad taking itself too seriously sort of way.

We went to see Little Black Book. I've always liked Holly Hunter and I like Brittany Murphy more and more all the time (though I didnt really want to). I liked it. It defiitely had it's moments.

We also watched Party Monster. We had rented it a while back and didn't get around to watching it. I was just curious since it had Macaulay in it. I didn't know he was still doing any thing any more. Once you get past the way the dialog all sounds like youre listening to a play... it's actualyl not too bad. Interesting, really. I'd like to see the documentary.

Saturday We had a reception. Days we have to work we usually don't end up doing much of anything else by the time we get up and get our asses moving :) The reception went well. We deserved a tip, though we didn't get one. People were happy, and danced and had a good time. So yay to that. Definitely makes the night go more easily.

Sunday we did some shopping... going fuzzy on Sunday a little. I'm sure I'm forgetting things I shouldnt. But ah well. Maybe steve will be some help. We went back to my house much earlier than usual and helped my grandma out with some yard work, after trying to go see The Village but not making it (again). I took lots of pictures of crawly things in my yard. They're going to need their own post though. Some of the pictures were super cool!

Monday I spent much of the day making post cards. I got a ton done and still have more to make. I got some things ready to mail out and Tuesday I addressed some more and made a trip to the post office. I checked my post office box (someone needs to send it some mail all I ever find is a bunch of ads) and bought a few more post card stamps.

Matt came over and brought me my avon order (his mom is my avon lady). I prettied up and we met his friend Kevin for dinner. Actually, they had dinner. I had already eaten so I got this sikeningly good brownie sundae thing for dessert. I couldn't even finish it. We went to the mall so Matt could do some clothes shopping. I helped him find some stuff and saw a lot that I want to show Steve. We're going to go check it out Thursday. After shopping we went to Retro Rocks for a couple drinks before Kevin had to go to work.

Today I redid the picture page on crushedglass, took some pictures, made my ebay listing, and talked to some friends.


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