~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

tipsy night out with Matt

so last night Matt asked me if I wanted to go get some food. I hadnt really been out of the house much so far htis week so I said sure and we went to Fridays and had yummy food and a couple Captain & Cokes, then we went back to his house for a little while before we were supposed to head out to the bar for a friend's birthday. so while we waited we had a home size Captain and Coke, a shot of Parrot Bay, and a Smirnoff Ice Black... then we went to the Pub and hung out for a while... it was nice to get out and just be around people and stuff... had a couple Vanilla Stoli & Cokes there.
I think I might have seen Steve (S)'s stepbrother but I wasnt sure cause I just caught a glimpse of him on his way out...
I also ran into a girl who I went to elementary school with... she was a couple years ahead of me and for a long time we were the only ones in the school with our first name... so its always interesting to run into the other one...
shes looking pretty kick ass these days... supercute Betty bangs and tattoos... shes married now and introduced me to her husband... who right away mentioned my long hair and large breasts... not sure why :P

so after the bar we went back to his house for a bit and had another home sized Captain & Coke and I had 1 1/2 more Smirnoffs.
altogether enough to make me quite tipsy but not sick...

and the evening just made me realize a lot of things that I needed to and so that was good in its own fashion...

Tonight Steve and I have a date... I like these little random ones... makes me happy. :)

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