~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

So Sunday night Steve (sgfaboo) and I were getting ready to leave to take me home. He shut the garage door and we got in the car.. but he noticed that the door had opened up again. We walked over and saw a black and white kitten. He is one out of a litter of 6 that came from one of the houses across the street. So I thougt I'd deposit him across the street to save him the danger of getting squished. The problem came when he wouldn't let me just put him down and leave. He kept following me and I didn't want to have him get run over. So I took him with me. We decided that he ought to have a tough name so we started calling him Mad Dog. The name has sort of stuck so far :)

Peachie doesn't like him and he doesn't seem to be too wild about any of the other cats. He growls quite fiercely anytime any of them come near. He chews on my fingers while I sleep. Little punk.


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