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saturday's reception

We were at a vfw hall in Perrinton, Michigan on Saturday night. We were the first to arrive and were almost all set up by the time anyone got there to start getting things ready for the reception. The tbales and decorations were all set up but no one had started ont he drinks/food set up. We sat for a while waiting for people to arrive. The bride and groom/ wedding party was supposed to be there at 5:30ish but they didn't come til an hour after that. Dinner finally got started around 7. It was a pretty small reception though, seating set up for 180 or so. So we still started the dance by 8 or so. The bride was cool and people were nice and having a good time. I did notice a few things that bothered me:
-A new mother with a baby about 1 or 2 months old. She had the baby with one hand and a cigarette with the other. Bleah.
-A girl who looked about 6 months pregnant taking a shot during the dollar dance and drinking a beer type bottled drink. She also was swing dancing, getting flipped over a guys arm. This resulted in her falling ont he floor at least twice. Bleah.
-Another pregnant girl (we'll need to name her becaue she comes up later), we'll call her L, smoking a cigarette. Bleah.

The night was going well though until we were heading toward the home stretch, playing more towards hip hop and people were happily and tipsily grinding, shaking, and dipping. One guy, "Tony", was dancing with L, our previously mentioned pregnant girl. He had her facing him with her legs wrapped around his waist carrying her as they danced. He lost his balance and fell into the light stand, sending it crashing over. He helped me pick it up, said that he'd pay for anything damaged but said he didn't want any names or addresses being necessary. He said he would just pay for anyhting needed that night. He walked away while we were checking everything out. Once we saw the pieces that were damaged I went to find him again to get his contact info. At first I couldn't find him at all and thought he had taken off. While I was looking for him I found pregnant "L" who was sloppily, incoherently, couldn't hold her self up right drunk. She didn't even remember falling into the lights, much les who she had been dancing with or where he might have gone. How drunk do you have to be for that. Bleah.

So I finally found "Tony" and he continued to refuse me his contact info. He wouldn't even give me his name. Everyone was drunk and none of the people he was with were very nice as a result. I walked with him and a few other people back into the building and this one girl, looked 16 or 17 maybe, started getting n my face telling me to leave him alone and calling me a stalker, saying I was harassing him. She said he got pushed by the other girl when I know he didn't. I was *watching* them. I would have seen and I did not. He was carying L for a bit before they fell. It definitely wan't her doing because she was just along for the ride. The girl started threatening me saying "someone better knock that bitch out" and saying she was going to slap the shit out of me herself. Someone had to hold her back at one point. I wasn't getting into it with her. I was nothing but polite and calm. I also wasn't backing down, since "Tony" was in the wrong. She said that we should have insurance and if we don't then we're just fucked. And she said "you guys got paid tonight so why don't you get the fuck out of here". "Tony" continued to say that he woudlnt give me his name or any information. He said he wanted our card and that he would get ahold of us, he wanted to talk to his lawyer and have his people look at our equipment and then he would pay what they said the damage was worth because we weren't going to get any free money out of him. I tried to get him alone away fromt he girl to talk to him because he seemed at least a little more reasonable than she did. But when I tried she dragged him out the door. So I followed them out into the street to get the license plate number on the car they were leaving in. She started calling me a stalker and aying I was harassing him (by walking out into the public street, mind you). She was all pissed off when I wrote down the plate info and tol dher dad that I was writing down in my notebook. Her dad said she better not be or I'll (insert some threat of bodily harm here)! So they left and we talked to the bride some and the bride's parents some and to a nice groomsman some. Everyone seemed really sorry and told us that they guy hadn't even been invited but he had come with the bride's uncle.

Unfortunately if they don't find the information on that guy the damages go by default to the person on the contract, in this case, the bride. By the time we got through all that the night was pretty much done and we were into our last few songs. Everyone had lots of good stuff to say and told us what a good job we did and the bride said that she thought we were great and that her friends were saying they couldn't even go to the bathroom because there was just good song after good song. She said she would recommend us to everyone. So if it werent for the one incident, everything was great. The bride and her family are supposed to find out what they can form her uncle and get ahold of us. Hopefully the uncle will be more cooperative once he's sober and once he finds out that if it doesnt get taken care of by "Tony" then the bride will be stuck with it.

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