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There will be more pictures to follow. Many many more. I might as well get it done now or I will jsut have more piling up and none of them will get put up!

First though, I realized I hadn't written anyhting about the skunks in a while and so I thought I should.

They escaped but they have kept coming back and eating. For a while they were going back in the pen and sleeping/eating around 9 am. Then possums spooked them I think and they disappeared for a few days. The past couple nights they have been back, though... I've smelled them when they come around. So yay! I was worried about them.

Ok so next I'll put up the me pictures, a picture of steve and my dog from yesterday, then a few from the concert, and then some from Chicago. Maybe not all tonight. I dont know. We'll see how ambitious I end up being.

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