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worked~ Central Middle School

I've had this teachers classes a bunch of times... he has 3 band classes and 2 math classes...

so I got there and got up to the room and it was only after kids started coming in that I found out that there was an adjusted schedule today... no one even bothered to tell me in the office...
so there was no advisory, they just went straight to !st hour instead... then the schedule was adjusted throughout the day... they were having student recognition assemblies (one for each grade) and I didn't end up having to go to any of them cause of how my schedule worked out...
and this was fine with me since the last assembly I went to there was super boring...

so I had 1st hour math and they were more lively than usual... so much so that a teacher from the classroom next door came over to yell at them and tell them that her class couldnt even get their reading done it was so loud...
and then I had 6th grade band 2nd hour, and 7th grade band 3rd hour...
and I had both classes playing bingo... and oddly enough they were far more cooperative than i thought they would be..
and now I owe some of them candy the next time I'm there but thats fine with me it was worth it just to not have them bitching about how boring it is in there..

I dont even have 6th grade play usually cause they wont. they say they want to and then instead of paying attention they all just start loudly playing their instruments doing their own thing and its awful. so I dont even bother any more...
7th grade usually does play ut I gave them the option to play bingo and most of that wanted to do that instead... so thats what we did.

then I had 4th hour math and they pretty much did their own thing... theres a fat kid in there who is usually pretty good but today he had this apple shaped squishy bouncyball and kept throwing it even after I asked him a bunch of times not to... he almost lost it a couple of times playing with it next to the window...
so after asking him yet again to stop throwing it I went over to him intending to take it away but he put it in his pocket... so i told him if it came out of his pocket again I'd throw it out the window myself :p

ok so I probably wouldnt have... but I wanted to..
bugs me when they throw stuff
and *really* bugs me when they ignore me...

other than that it went pretty smoothly... the last class is 8th grade band and all they ever do is chill... and then I got to come home... that class got out at 1:26 and I was home shortly after... yay to that.
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