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weekend (Stephanie's wedding)

From my hair I just removed: 1 rubber band, 99 pins 100 pins... I found another one, and 10 mini roses.

It feels so good to scratch my head!!!

The weekend went really really well and I had a great time.

Friday I drove there, made my phone post after people tried to run me over and other people wouldnt let me change lanes, instead just driving even more quickly by yammering on their cell phones. >:( Aside from my little freak out when I ended up in completely the wrong lane and had to exit, and when the guy in the large truck with a large piece of machinery on a large trailer tried to squish me... the drive went well. The almost squishing part sucked though. I was stuck between an exising lane and the lane I needed to be in with things on both sides and big truck guy was just righttherethisclose and it was alarming. the rest went fine and I went straight to the church for the rehersal. We rehersed several times and i felt pretty well set on what we were going to do. Tony (the groom) kept laughing during the rehersal and I think Stephanie was getting worried that he might have trouble the next day :) When he starts laughing he has trouble stopping.

After the rehersal we went to dinner at this Chinese buffet place. I had no idea where I was going so I followed Steph's sister Laura to the restaurant. Actually I was one of about 7 or 8 cars following Laura. I was 4th or 5th in line. I sat at a table with one of the other bridesmaids, Jody, and her husband, John. Stephanie got caught in traffic so she was the last to arrive. The food was good. Jody nad John were nice. The table next to us had Tony, the other groomsmen, and Stephanie. I listened to Tony tell jokes after dinner while people cleared out. Stephanie asked me if I wanted to go pick up a couple things form the store with her for the next day. So we went to the hotel to get me situated before we went. I was originally supposed to have a gil staying in the room with me. The minister's date, who I didn't know. But she ended up cancelling. So I was to have a 2 bed room and just me. But there were groomsmen who had single king beds for 2 people so I switched. And then I had a single king sized bed just for me! It was great!

I dropped off my stuff and Stephanie dropped off a bag of hers and then we went to the Super Kmart to buy a couple make up items and some decorations for the limo. I got to see the apartment they're going to be living in and also her parents house. I got to meet her 17 year old kitty. He was so so sweet! Showing his age a little... but really perky. He has a pin in one hip from when he was much younger and he tried to jump from a roof to another roof (house to garage maybe?) and didn't make it. He seemed to really welcome the attention. I'm sure it's been really rough for him lately with everyone so busy, on top of everything that happened with Steph's dad.
In December her parents were in florida on vacation and her dad had a brain bleed (pretty much a stroke) and they were in florida for 2 months because he was in the hospital. So KT was at the kennel for 62 days... poor guy must have thought they had left him for good. Steph's dad is at a hospital in Port Huron now but things have really been hectic between him in the hospital and the wedding... so I think KT is probably still feeling out of sorts. So I loved on him for a good portion of the time we were at the house. Stephanie showed me her veil. She made one because the ones to buy were ridiculously expensive (like 150 - 200 to buy and she made hers the way she wanted for $8).

Buy the time I got back to the hotel, got showered and into bed it was after 1. I set the alarm on my phone for 9. I woke up a few minutes before and went to make some coffee. I packed up everythign I'd need for the day and waited for Jody, Stephanie, and Laura to get there (Julie the other bridesmaid has a 2 year old and a 2 month old and got her hair done somewhere else so she could be around to do other stuff at home). My hair took about an hour, $40, and thew above mentioned rubberband, pins,a nd mini roses. Everyone looked so great with curls and done up hair.

By the time we were done wit the hair appointments we were running a little late and went to the church to get ready. When we were finally all done we were pretty much ready to go into the ceremony. As soon as we got down the hall to the doorway I had to walk down the isle. So we cut it a little close. The ceremony was nice, and not terribly long. It was so so hot in the church I felt like I was just melting! After the ceremony we posed for many many (many many many many) pictures. We rode to the reception site in a limo, had dinner (plated) and did all the formal dance stuff. I danced quite a bit. It was novel and kinda nice to be on that side for a change. It was a dry reception but that didn't seem to make any difference. It was a great night. At the end I was super tired and I wanted to take off my feet. I have several blisters. Not that that's anything unusual. I just have ridiculously delicate feet and hands. I slept extremely carefully so I could keep my hair for another day. It still looked fine when I woke up.

It took 2 trips to take my stuff to the car. When I was making my first trip I was standing waiting for the elevator with a mom and dad with a baby and a little boy who looked to be about 5 but talked more like he might have been more like 4. I dont know. Little anyway. The mom pointed out my flowers to him (I was carrying my bouquet) and said somethign like ooh look at the pretty flowers! I bet she was at a wedding yesterday!

I guess the boy wanted to ride down by himself and the mom asked him (not me, mind you) "do you want to ride down with her?" He evidently did cause he got in with me. I asked him "so are you gonna keep me company?" He pushed the buttons for us and we rode down. The mom, dad, and baby took at least 2 minutes (maybe 3?) to get down. When we got off I had to stop the boy from wandering off, talling him that he had to wait for them. So I stayed with him there untiol they got down.

Ok. What the hell is wrong with people??? I mean yeah, I *am* nice, and I wouldn't dream of hurting someone baby. But who in their right mind lets their preschooler ride down with a complete stranger??? I could have been off running and on the highway with that kid by the time they got to the lobby! Or what if I had just let him run off and not waited! Bleh. Dumb parents.

The drive home went smoothly and quickly.

Pictures will follow sometime soon. I still have to put up the rest of my class stuff... and chicago stuff!

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