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Friday Steve and I walked and looked at things in an antique shop. It was so cluttered. I loved it. It was like being in someone's old house and getting to look through their stuff. I got a bunch of old photos (mostly in the 1937 - 1940 range, though there was one that looks older still) for $3. We spent about 5 minutes in a thrift store before they closed.

We went down to Navy Pier for dinner because Will and Terri were already down there. Beth rides in a wheelchair when we go out because she's still healing from her surgery and getting around is still quite painful at times. Bumps in car rides and wheelchair rides aren't any fun either. But I suppose its better than being cooped up inside while everyone is out and about having fun and doing things.

We were going to meet Will & Terri. Steve's dad was pushing the wheelchair and he and beth got ahead of us walking with Steve's mom. She slipped on a wet floor (there were no signs posted) and fell kinda twisty like and aggravated her already hurting jacked up leg. She's still recovering from a herniated disk in her back. So then we ended up with *two* people in wheelchairs! The people at Navy Pier are sneaky though, I think. They pretty much made it sound like she had two options, sign their "I will not sue" form, or go to the hospital. She didn't want to go to the hospital, so she signed. I wouldn't have done either of those things. But, then again, I don't tend to have any problem just straight up saying no when I don't want to do something. She's too nice to argue though, I think. Hopefully that fall won't end up gimping her up even more than she was. We had dinner and then walked/rolled a bit more before heading home.

Yesterday when we got up, everyone had already left. We found breakfast, showered, and took the bus for a million years. They were already done with the planetarium by that time so we met them at the aquarium. That was great. We got to look at all sorts of swimming things. We checked out dolphins, sharks, whales, seals, and many many different kinds of fish. We spent the last hour there by ourselves though because everyone else was all done there and hungry. We had found coffee when we got there so we weren't quite there yet. We stayed until the place closed and then walked the couple miles to the restaurant where they had already gotten a table and ordered pizza. We were a little soggy by the time we got there but it wasn't too bad.

We've done a good deal of walking since we've been here. That's always nice. I've got a pedometer (I always want to read that as pedo-meter) so I can actually see how far we've walked. We got just about 6 1/2 miles in yesterday. Which is fine with me. I really miss walking as much as I used to. Stephanie and I used to spend whole days walking and wandering. I need to know more people who are willing to do such things!

After dinner we went to see fireworks. The rain stopped long enough for us to enjoy them unsoggily. I took a whole roll of film on them. Hopefully some will turn out nicely. I wasn't terribly sure on the exposure times. The last two have a lot of potential if they don't end up over exposed. We'll see. The drive home took forever because traffic was so slow but Steve and I decided that we still wanted to go to Simon's for a bit and see if Jackie the bartender was there.

Steve's dad dropped us off and we found a space at the bar. It was quite a bit more crowded than when we were there the last time. At first it didn't look like she was there but when we mentioned the drink we wanted and said that she had been the one mixing when we had it before, the guy who was going to try said that she was in the bathroom and we could wait for her if we wanted. So she came out and told us that she had had a very rough week. Her ex husband was killed in a car accident involving 5 cars and a semi and she was pretty messed up about it. They had been married for 10 years and were still friends and saw each other frequently. She didn't stay much longer after that. Neither did we. We split a pear cider when we first got there, then had the Jackie mixed drink which was some sort of tropical tasting shot on the rocks. After she left we aimed to have one more drink, a shot that tastes like chocolate chip mint ice cream.. not terribly strong but pretty tasty. That one turned into 3 really quickly in a row because the lady who was mixing it up just kept making it again and putting it in front of us until she got it right and then only charged for one of them. So we ended up, between us, having 8 shots and a pear cider for $11.50. This was including a tip. We Walked home in the rain and went to bed.

Who knows what today will bring :)
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