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weekend: bought camera, lyniece's wedding [photos]

friday I went to Steve's and we went out to dinner, then to look at cameras at Circuit city and I got a webcam for a pretty good price (gotta say a big yay for rebates...) then we went over to media play and Steve bought the speakers he was looking at last week... then we went home and he played with his speakers and I played with hie computer (til it died... wasnt having much luck with electronics...) when Ryan came home we all went downstairs and played video games... well they played together, I played Zelda... Steve and I went to bed around 3 and Ryan stayed up (til 5:30 I think he later told us...)

the next day we slept in pretty late, got up and went to get stuff done, set up for that night, went home, took a shower
at 5:30 had to leave to go to our reception... it went wel... the people had a good time... I saw some boy who I recognized and I later realized it was because I had subbed for a class he was in before... so that was a little weird...

Sunday we went back to Circuit City and bought a new camera... when I'm working again I'm going to get the other one fixed but it really would have sucked to not have a camera for upcoming things...

cause sunday was also my friend Lyniece's wedding... shes one of the coolest people I know, super cute, and very nice... I've known her since early elementary school... 1st grade probably...

some pictures:

and after we left we went to see the new Charlie's Angels... nice mindless entertainment...
went to Meijer afterward and then home to bed...

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