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oh no!

The fuzzies have escaped! Sometime between last night when they were last fed and this morning when they were checked on again! They dug out under the pen. We're going to try to lure them back. I mean, the whole idea was (and is) to let them escape when they're able to. I just didn't expect them to try before they were ready to be on their own. We'll have to leave their food out and I was thinking perhaps they might come back if we also left their sleeping box out...

So yesterday I spent a lot of time getting my scans ready to present (they had to be resized and the colors tweaked cause the scans made them look... not like they look!) I will begin posting soon. Definitely not all at once, there are far too many. I'll try for a little at a time. Though after we come back on monday I'm sure I'll have a bunch of chicago photos too. I'll get it figured out somehow here :)

still sniffly.

went back to the alteration place and had my dress pinned and it should be ready wednesday or thursday of next week. I'm going to try to find a backless/strapless bra to go under it sometime between now and then.

I also picked up pitures yesterday. The two myster rolls were so old! It was weird seeing pictures of mikale when he was so much smaller and fatter. I also picked up th e color roll I took to Saginaw photo, the one with some of the pictures of Jake. I'm still deciding on those. I'm going to lay all of the pictures out and give them a look over with as critical an eye as I can manage :)

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